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Journées Raymond Carver


Commemorating and Celebrating Raymond Carver (1938-1988)
A symposium organized by the International Raymond Carver Society and TIES (IMAGER, Paris 12)

Thursday June, 5, 2008
At Villa Luxembourg
121, Boulevard du Montparnasse
75006 Paris

Meeting of international IRCS delegates


Friday June 6, 2008
Paris 12 -Créteil

Département d'Anglais / Bâtiment I2
Salle 222
61, Avenue du Général de Gaulle
94010 Créteil
Métro-ligne 8 : Créteil-Université

Registration and introduction by Sandra Kleppe and Claire Fabre-Clark

Keynote Speech
Randolph Runyon, (University Ohio, USA): "'Beginners' Luck"

11.00-12:30 - Workshop

Vickie Fachard  (Independent Scholar, Switzerland)
"Sign vs. Symbol: The Gift in Raymond Carver's 'Cathedral'"

Enrico Monti  (Université de Haute-Alsace, France/Università di Bologna, Italy)
"From 'Beginners' to 'What We Talk...': Variations on a Carver's Story"

Paul Grant, (Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, Canada)
"Carver's Anti-Heroics"

LUNCH (La Pointe Jaune)

2.00pm-3.30pm - Workshop

Sandra Lee Kleppe, (University of Tromso, Norway)
"Carver's 'Baudelaire Sandwich'"

Marie Legrix de la Salle, (Université de Pau, France)
"Intervals and blanks in a selection of short stories"

Robert Miltner, (Kent State University Stark, USA)
"'A Song of Sixpence': (Re)Reading Carver's 'Blackbird Pie.'"

3.30-4.30 pm - Workshop

Libe García Zarranz, (University of Alberta, Canada)
"'Let Them Watch': Carver's Hitchcockian Eye and Feminist Film Theory"

Greg P. Lainsbury, (Northern Lights College, Canada)  "Reference Reduction: Literary Implications of Life in Raymond Carver"



Saturday June 7th, 2008
Hôtel Massa
Société des Gens de Lettres
38 rue du Faubourg Saint-Jacques
75014 Paris
Métro-ligne 6 : Saint-Jacques
RER : Denfert-Rochereau

10.00 am-1.00pm - Workshop

Françoise Sammarcelli, (Université de Paris 4, France)
"'Why would I want a picture of this tragedy?': the Inscription of the Eye in What We Talk about When We Talk about Love."

Laetitia Naly (Université de Paris 3, France)
"Celebrating the moment: the writing of time in Raymond Carver's 'The Calm'"

Philippe Romon (journalist and author, France)
"A reading of some letters from the Gordon Lish and Raymond Carver archives"

Claire Fabre-Clark, (Université Paris 12, France) 
"Excess and lack : the economy of signs in Carver"
10 am-12 pm
At 229 rue de Paris
91120 Palaiseau

General meeting of the IRCS Meeting of the Editorial Committee
Discussion about the 2009 Symposium
Créé le 24 mai 2008